Our History

You will see from our history that we are a congregation of Protestant Dissenters, were somewhat reluctant Congregationalists, and in 1972 became part of the United Reformed Church, although many of us have belonged to other denominations. We are motivated and informed by the teachings of Jesus.

We are conciliar rather that episcopal, which is to say that we have councils – groups of people – rather than bishops. This reflects our belief in the priesthood of all believers, which is to say that all – lay or ordained –


General Assembly

are called to serve God and that God’s guidance on the life and mission of the church is best discerned collectively within the whole people of God through meeting together. We have three circles of meeting – Church Meeting in the local congregation, regional Synod and the national General Assembly. 

Here is a brief history of congregationalism. 1662 and all that

We meet in Perry Hill Chapel which was built in 1822. In 2012, the 190th anniversary year, members were asked to write down their memories and knowledge of the history of this congregation, and these were presented to the congregation on 3 June. As you will see, a couple of our members have very long personal and family memories of this chapel.


Stella Harris was a member, elder and church treasurer. This is Stella’s contribution.  Stella’s history

Anne Philps is a member and serving organist.  Here are Anne’s memories of her connection with this church over 70 years. Annes’ hand written history 3Jun12  I will replace these hand written notes with a typed version when I find the time to do it.

Stuart Davies has served as Church Secretary for most of the last ten years or so.  Here is Stuart’s summary of our recent history. Stuart’s history

Here is another piece of recent history; the story of our new organ.  The Organ Transplant

We have also collected local history notes and pictures.

Here is a history of Worplesdon based on the notes of Evelyn Thompson who died in 1946.  Notes On The History Of Worplesdon

Frank Philps came to the village at the beginning of the twentieth century to run the farrier’s business.  Here he is outside his premises. Frank Philps farrier or see the forge when it became a service station then and now Philps

The Burch family has a long association with Perry Hill Chapel.  Geoff Burch, who lives in Sunnyside between the pub and the parish church, recently gave us this life-of-the-people, written by Albert Enever.  It was found in the loft of a house in Guildford and was given to Geoff by Albert’s grandson, John Enever who now lives at Church Crookham.  In this delightful history, written in 1975, Albert remember the businesses and people of Rickford and Perry Hill between 1905 and 1925.  A valuable resource for genealogists.

Use the drop-down menu on this page or click here to find useful links to other resources on the history of Worplesdon and neighbouring villages.

1 thought on “Our History

  1. Jacqueline Moyse

    This potted history above is most interesting and clearly put together. I am just wondering if anyone at the chapel would know anything about the Reverend George Sydney Morgan, known by family members as Uncle Sydney. I am writing on behalf of a number of nephews and nieces of Sydney Morgan. We are researching the family tree and part of our search is focused upon our uncle. We think he ministered at Perry Hill chapel from 1948-53.
    We are trying to track down 2 Bibles. One is a family Bible with key dates written in it the other is a treasured heirloom and is a Breeches Geneva Bible dated 1579 that may have been donated to a church or to Sydney’s Bible college library. Any knowledge about our uncle Sydney would be very interesting and helpful to our us In our search. We would really appreciate any thing that you can tell us. Thank you. Kind regards
    Jacqueline Moyse ( nee Morgan)


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